Vegas Journo Remembers the UFO Congressional Hearings That Almost Were

What nearly happened in Vegas. Not quite the famous local tourism slogan, but rather a perfect summary of the nugget at the center of a delightful Las Vegas City Life op ed by Peabody Award-winning KLAS-TV Channel 8 reporter George Knapp (pictured).

Picking up on the UFO “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” event being held this week at Washington’s National Press Club, Knapp says that informal PR push is likely to be the closest thing we see in our lifetimes to an Area 51-focused Congressional hearing. But it’s not because elected officials weren’t once interested:

Only a handful of people know this, but in the late ’90’s there was a concerted effort to hold a limited-focus set of congressional hearings into UFO cases involving national-security matters. The impetus behind the proposed hearings originated right here in Las Vegas, the brainchild of some pretty smart and influential people.

I am prevented by assurances of confidentiality from saying much, except that a formal set of hearings was essentially a done deal, ready to launch under carefully massaged parameters. That’s when some of the UFO diehards found out about it, learned that they would be excluded from such hearings and vowed to raise a major stink at every opportunity. The congressmen who had been involved in the discussions took one look at the wild-eyed zealots and quickly concluded they did not need the headache. The idea of congressional hearings died a quiet death.

Knapp separately decries the media coverage so far of the DC Disclosure hearings. As long-time fans of George Noory’s nightly program, we agree whole-heartedly with him on that point. Read Knapp’s alt-weekly op ed here.

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