L.A. Times Editor Davan Maharaj Helps Kick Off UC Riverside Writers Week

What is the state of journalism today? You’ll get a very different answer depending on who you ask, with LA Times editor Davan Maharaj scheduled to give his latest take on that shifting topic tonight at 7:30 p.m. at UC Riverside.

Maharaj will deliver the event’s Hays Press-Enterprise lecture. Given his paper’s emergence from parent company bankruptcy and ability to detach itself soon under new ownership, it should be an interesting talk. LAT columnist Hector Tobar will also speak earlier this afternoon, at 2:30 p.m.:

The Hays Press-Enterprise Lecture is a series devoted to addressing issues in journalism and the media that was begun in 1966 by the late Howard H. (Tim) Hays when he was editor of the Press-Enterprise newspaper…

“We have an amazing line-up this year,” said Tom Lutz, professor of creative writing at UCR and director of Writers Week. Lutz also is editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB), which this year will interview writers during the week-long event and produce short films about them for the LARB website.

Admission to all events is free, with on-campus parking priced at $6. Full schedule here.

Update – 02/05/13: Here’s an account of Maharaj’s speech from the Press-Enterprise.