UCLA Welcomes Pair of Onion Editors

Tomorrow night at UCLA’s Royce Hall, two key members of an organization Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both owe an eternal debt of gratitude to will take to the stage. The Onion‘s editor Joe Randazzo (pictured) and associate editor Will Tracy will walk paying audience members through a typical day at the jokey newspaper, which has expanded recently to include a TV sports report.

As Tracy explains it to The Daily Bruin, he was led to his current dream editorial gig by a combination of luck and incompetence. Recalls the Portland, Oregon native:

Tracy never envisioned himself becoming a comedy writer. He moved to New York to study English at Vassar College and worked for a book-publishing company for a year after graduating. After being fired from that job, he began an internship with The Onion.

“I was a fan of The Onion in high school, but I never even considered working for them,” Tracy said. “If I had been better at that publishing job and not been fired, I would have never ended up at The Onion.”

Amazingly, despite lampooning pretty much everyone under the sun, Tracy says The Onion has yet to feel the wrath of any of its targets. Should be a fun evening.