UCLA Film Student Invents New Genre: ‘Film Sleepy’

As a film student at UCLA, Sondra Lowell didn’t appear to have a very promising career in the film business ahead of her. “I’ve always wanted to make a movie but found I was good at putting people to sleep,” Lowell told AOL. “I took classes at UCLA and the teachers would fall apart when I made a script. People would tell me that I didn’t understand how to make a story and told me the scenes should build on each other.

“I thought I was doing that, but people fell asleep. It took me awhile to realize I was on to something.”

The result is her new genre “Film Sleepy,” movies designed to literally put people to sleep. She’s got two of them out now called “Sublime Crime: A Subliminal Mystery” and “WebcamMurder.com.”And they are quite effective.

Lowell still may not have a career. But she did earn herself her 15 minutes.

H/T Thompson on Hollywood