Ubuntu Netbook Remix Doesn’t Force You To Use Its New Single Window Interface

After reading about Ubuntu Netbook Remix’s (UNR) desktop interface design that seemed to feature single full-screen windows, I was not sure I would like using it. It seemed to resemble the OLPC XO’s Sugar OS graphical interface which I do not like at all. To my great surprise, however, I’ve found UNR’s desktop mode very usable on my Acer Aspire One. However, if you prefer’s the conventional Ubuntu Gnome based graphical interface, Ubuntu does not force you to use the netbook optmized default desktop.

Here’s how you switch to the conventional desktop GUI:

– Select Preferences in the left sidebar
– Select the Switch Desktop Mode icon
– Select Classic Desktop in the window that pops up
– Click Apply

I’m sticking with the default UNR netbook-tuned desktop for now. But, if you don’t like it, you know how to switch away from it now. Happy UNR netbooking!