UBS Drops Le Corbusier Ad Campaign After Complaints Over His Possible Nazi Sympathizing


This week in Switzerland, Le Corbusier isn’t being celebrated by his native countrymen as much as he likely would have wanted. Shortly after the Swiss bank UBS began a new advertising campaign featuring the legendary architect, the AP reports that they were reminded that relatively new information has come out over the past few years that he also might have had a penchant for being a Nazi sympathizer, something that didn’t sit well with this bank in particular given certain dark spots in its history. Thus, the campaign was immediately shut down and likely stuffed in a vault somewhere, never to be seen again. Following the UBS incident, city officials in Zurich, who were planning to dedicate a town square in his honor are now planning to take “another look at the historical record.” So despite having squares and roads named after him already in other parts of the country and his face on each and every 10-franc bill, this could be the first move in Switzerland distancing itself completely from Le Corbusier’s name.