Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Delivered a Semitrailer Full of Budweiser 120 Miles

A Colorado cruise straight out of the future

Somewhere in a college freshman dormitory in Colorado, there's a young hacker thinking about the missed opportunity. Who needs a fake ID if you can intercept a whole truck of Budweiser?

Otto—the Uber-owned startup for self-driving semitrucks—last week partnered with Anheuser-Busch on a test to deliver a trailer-load of beer from Fort Collins, Colo., through the Denver metro area, and on to Colorado Springs near Pikes Peak.

Driving down I-25, the autonomous truck steered itself for 120 miles with 51,744 cans in tow. That's the equivalent of 2,000 cases of Bud, according to Otto, which is based in San Francisco. 

There was no human in the cab, and Otto announced the self-driving delivery on its blog today. The development underscores how self-driving vehicles are slowly becoming a reality.

All jokes about fake IDs aside, with device-based, internet-of-things-leaning hacking becoming a bigger issue, it will be interesting to see how self-driving technologists adapt to growing security threats. Challenges will have to be met to quell the concerns of regulators and marketers. 

Meanwhile, check out Otto's video recap below: 


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