UberMedia will Likely Acquire TweetDeck by end of February

Apps built on the back of Twitter appear to be a hot commodity this year, with a major acquisition set to be finalized by the end of this month. TweetDeck, one of the most popular Twitter dashboards, is in the final stages of acquisition talks with growing Twitter app empire UberMedia.

According to the Financial Times, UberMedia is offering $25 to $30 million for TweetDeck. The companies are apparently close to coming to an agreement in this range, and the deal should go through by the end of February.

TweetDeck is part of the UK’s “Silicon Roundabout”, a high tech area that Twitter is rumored to be considering for its European-based offices when it expands this year. It is a social media management dashboard that lets users manage their Twitter accounts, Facebook profile and pages and more from a columned layout. It’s competitors include HootSuite and Seesmic.

The acquiring company, UberMedia, is a young but growing Twitter empire that has been devouring Twitter-based app developers lately in a bid to become the leader in the space. Formerly known as TweetUp, UberMedia has purchased UberTwitter, Mixx, and Ecofone in the past few weeks, expanding into the mobile Twitter space and Twitter search space rapidly.

The acquisition of TweetDeck will be one of the biggest Twitter app acquisitions yet, and it signals the strength of Twitter developers – despite Twitter’s not-so-friendly stance towards them of late.