UberMedia Picks Up More Money, $5.6 million from DLD Ventures

Someone still has faith in the Twitter ecosystem it seems ... and that's a lot of faith!

Twitter’s acquisitions and new feature releases over the past year have left many in the company’s ecosystem concerned. As the microblogging service takes more ownership of the marketplace, smaller companies are crowded out. It’s easy to feel pretty pessimistic about the whole thing … unless you’re DLD Ventures. The investment arm of Burda Digital, reports peHUB, just put $5.6 million into UberMedia.

UberMedia develops a wide range of social media applications, including my favorite, UberSocial (@UberSoc).

Bill Gross, UberMedia’s CEO and founder, says, “We are in the midst of a tectonic shift toward social media by users all over the world, and the power of referral and information from people you trust is staggering.” He adds, “UberMedia’s goal is to drive innovation in the social media experience so that it becomes ever more engaging, relevant, and useful.”

While competition in the social media applications space is fierce – and intensifying – UberMedia is operating from a strong spot, with more than 5 million users in a little over a year. The company’s applications, including UberSocial and Echofon, push more than 200 tweets per second and account for 13 percent of all Twitter traffic, according to a statement from UberMedia.