UberMedia Acquires Mixx, Shows Strong Growth in Twitter App Development Space

It looks like one Twitter app maker wants a much bigger piece of the Twitter pie: UberMedia, formerly known as PostUp, formerly known as TweetUp, has made two developer acquisitions in recent weeks. UberMedia creates Twitter applications for mobile and web, and it’s expanding – fast.

Just a week and a half ago, UberMedia acquired UberTwitter – and subsequently renamed itself UberMedia. UberTwitter makes Twitter clients for Blackberry and iPhone, which will compliment UberMedia’s already-popular Android Twitter client.

This acquisition followed closely on the heels of the January 5th acquisition of Ecofone, which had created Twitter desktop, iPad, and iPhone applications, among others.

The Washington Post reports that UberMedia’s grand ambitions in the Twitter app development space are just beginning to be realized. Following these two acquisitions, the company has just last week acquired Mixx, which offers users a way to search Twitter for certain topics not tagged with hashtags.

This string of acquisitions shows the strength that UberMedia sees in Twitter. By grabbing up innovative app and search developers, the company is expanding rapidly to produce technology that Twitter itself doesn’t provide. This is a company to watch in the Twitter space.