Uber Offering One-Way Trips to Tijuana

Maybe THIS is how Trump will deport people?

For those of you who are looking to go on a legendary drunken stupor and wake up face-first in your 5th bottle of Cuervo with crumpled-up passes to some sundry bullfighting arena, Uber has the ticket for you.

One thing: They are not picking you up. Ever.

Uber has a base in San Diego, so they have finally considered a way to give patrons what they want — a way to cross the border for all those Bachelor parties in Tijuana. And then the driver will collect his or her cash and leave skid-marks, as well as your behind in Mexico.

As Bloomberg reports:

The reason for that limitation is that commercial activity—the service that’s taxed and regulated—occurs at the point of pickup, not drop-off, according to regulations that govern Uber, Lyft Inc., and other transit companies. Uber said it’s working on making cross-border pickup available from Tijuana, too.

Technically, drivers don’t cross the border, but they will drop fares off at the border and let them cross (at their own risk). The money is nice, so Uber is OK with the potential PR fail fingers pointed in its direction.

“While there are many places we could have launched this product, we recognize the importance of the largest border crossing in the world and the unique relationship between San Diego and Tijuana,” Uber said in a blog post announcing the service.

Aside from the potential $100 ride, there is also a $20 “border-crossing fee.” We guess that is just to watch the people and wave back at them, as if they’ll be missed. The good thing for Uber is the people are so sloshed by the time they realize they need a ride back to America, they’ll forget how they got there in the first place.

God bless America. Viva la Mexico.