U2, Overwhelmed By How Much Money Is In Their Secret Mountain Vault, Decide to Build a Building


As you may or may not have heard, U2 is building a building in Ireland, with the help of Lord Foster. Dubbed “Bono’s Tower,” likely because “The Adam Clayton Sky Kingdom” was already taken, it will be the tallest thing in Ireland and will feature nothing but luxury condos (save for a block they’re putting aside for low-income dwellers). Having spent some time in both the band’s Kitchen nightclub and their Clarence Hotel, we can say that we expect the building to be pretty wicked cool. But how will it look in Dublin, where the average building height it about two stories? We guess every city has to take that leap though at some point, right? And what better time to do it than with your leading band in tow?

As just an aside, do you think they’re building this thing so they can play on the roof? Band’s love that kind of thing. Give them a city, a roof, and a music video and they’re in pure heaven. Oh, wait:

An egg-shaped recording studio suspended from the top of a 600ft luxury apartment block was unveiled as part of the rock band U2’s plans for a skyscraper that will dominate Dublin.

The “pod” studio will dangle beneath a battery of vertical wind turbines and a huge solar panel, hanging free from the innovative energy centre for acoustic reasons.