U2 Promotes First New Album in 4 Years on MySpace

MySpace Music is playing up its potential with a new exclusive world premier of U2’s latest studio album, No Line On The Horizon. Beginning today, MySpace users will be able to stream the album in its entirety from U2’s MySpace Music profile, which can be found here.

This online event, which is only accessible for MySpace users in the U.S., is designed to give fans an opportunity to preview the new U2 album before its U.S. release date next month. But MySpace is ready for the album release date as well, with plans for purchase options via MySpace Music starting March 3rd. This particular album’s promotion on MySpace comes shortly after U2’s push for its last video for the single Get On Yur Boots, which was featured on MySpace on a global scale.

The U2 release on MySpace, along with the exclusive preview promotion today, is important for the music group as this is the first studio album release in over four years. Choosing MySpace for promotional purposes and direct sales says a lot about U2’s desire to become accessible to fans through leveraging an online network that’s been built up around music.

This is also an important event for MySpace Music, as the dedicated channel on MySpace’s network has been refocusing its efforts on its core competencies and attributes. Especially as Facebook is beginning to infringe on the online music space with plans to launch an integrated music system, and others like AT&T turning to Facebook for online promotional events and sales, it’s necessary for MySpace to maintain a dominate position in the music sector.