U-T San Diego Ranks President Obama ‘Worst Bust of All’

Over the weekend, the right-leaning U-T San Diego cast a resounding vote against President Obama.  According to the paper’s editorial board, the 44th Commander-in-Chief is the biggest presidential bust to ever occupy the White House:

Editor’s note: It’s a presidential election year, so we thought we’d weigh in with our list of the five worst presidents. We start with, yes, the current incumbent.

What’s remarkable about the piece is that without a word of introduction other than the above preface, there is paragraph after paragraph of Obama-promised-this-but-then-delivered-that. Just under a dozen such paragraphs in all. The article ends with a ridicule of Obama’s positive self-assessment during a recent CBS News interview.

Facebook-enabled reader comments are pretty evenly split, from those applauding the paper for putting Obama ahead of Jimmy Carter to subcribers promising they will cancel their subscription.

There is one Republican on the paper’s list of five worst presidential busts of all time. To find out who that is, click here.