U.S. Text Message Spam Infographic: 84% of Teenagers Affected. 68% of General Population

One of the biggest irratants in life to me (what a friend of mine would term a “first-world problem”: Things that bother you assuming the basics in life are already met) is text message spam (SMS spam). Tatango’s SMS Marketing Blog has a fascinating infographic summarizing the demographics of the problem.

Text Message Spam Infographic

A survey of 500 U.S. consumers implies that:

– 68% of people have been affected by text message spam
– 84% of teenagers under 18 have encountered SMS spam
– 12% U.S. phone owners do NOT have a text message plan and are being charged to receive unwanted SMS spam
– The FCC has the authority to fine $500 per SMS spam message

You can find the full infographic at the link provided above.

It is, in my experience, impossible to eliminate SMS spam. However, one possible way to reduce it is by giving people a third party phone number to contact or text you at. I, for example, give people my Google Voice phone number. It can ring my cell phone, process voice mail and manage SMS. It can also block phone numbers on a per number basis. Google does not charge for what is essentailly unlimited text message or per number call blocking. It also lets me manage and respond to text messages from a desktop, notebook or iPad computer.