U.S. Olympic Committee Turns to Facebook for Fundraising

With just about to year to go before the biggest sporting competition in the world, the United States Olympic Committee is turning to Facebook to seek support for athletes that capture the attention of the country for two weeks every four years.

Beginning on June 14 through July 31, the USOC will run its “Join Team USA” campaign on Facebook, soliciting donations and support from fans. According to the Associated Press, about 80 percent of the USOC’s operating budget goes to support programs for the athletes, items that include health benefits and bonuses.

The social network promotion will act in tandem will live events around the country, as the U.S. Olympic team travels around the nation to promote the games. While athletes will visit different cities, they will also take part in live events broadcast on Facebook, including online chats. The London 2012 Summer Games will take place from July 27 through August 12.