U.S. Lawmakers Check In On Facebook During Recess

If Facebook is any indication, members of Congress are staying busy during their August recess.

President Obama isn’t the only one getting away. Members of Congress are staying active during the annual August recess, if their Facebook posts are any indication.

August is the time when lawmakers traditionally say goodbye to Washington, D.C., and return to their districts to re-connect with constituents, conduct official travel and even take a little vacation themselves.

Congress on Facebook, the social media company’s page that tracks members use of Facebook, is providing regular updates, or postcards, from the recess.

Here’s a look at what our elected officials are up to and how they are sharing the information on Facebook.

Town Halls

If its August, its town hall season, and many lawmakers seem to be hitting the road for these community events.

Texas Democratic RepresentativeCharles A. Gonzalez is using Facebook to publicize community office hours in San Antonio.

Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh is documenting a 10 Town Halls in 10 Days tour.


Couldn’t make it to your local event? Chances are your local official posted some pics of their activity. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer shared a picture from a presentation on high-tech manufacturing.

Congressman Alan Nunnelee, a Republican from Mississippi added new photos to his album called District Work Weeks. Representative Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri said that she is taking her annual farm tour and told Facebook fans she will post photos later.

Representative Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Iowa, climbed a wind turbine in Mitchell County and uploaded the photo to Facebook.


House Republican New Media Caucus Co-Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers hosted an hour-long Facebook chat earlier this week and encouraged constituents to post questions in advance.


Congressman Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, is using his Facebook page to promote a small business forum at the University of Memphis.

Representative Chip Cravaack, a Republican from Minnesota, is using Facebook to keep count of his constituent outreach. Since January, he’s hosted 12 town halls, seven tele-town halls, and set up mobile offices in 75 cities.

Senator Mark Begich, an Alaskan Democrat, is posting on Facebook about attending a graduation ceremony at the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

Kay Granger, a Republican from Texas, held a forum with mayors from her congressional district where she provided a legislative update and heard their concerns.

Readers, are you following your lawmakers on Facebook during their August break?