U.S. Airways Calls Infamous X-Rated Tweet ‘an Honest Mistake’


We finally have an official explanation for the tweet that broke the Internet yesterday via the New York Daily News.

No, the person who clicked the “tweet” button has not been fired–because he didn’t accidentally reveal his browsing history or share a particularly disgusting in-house joke.

It was simply the most successful act of Twitter trolling in recent memory.

Turns out that the offending image was posted by a third party with a fifteen-year-old’s sense of humor on the brand’s Twitter connections feed. In the process of being flagged as inappropriate, the image was “unfortunately…inadvertently included” in two subsequent replies sent to customers making complaints.

Spokesperson Matt Miller told the Daily News:

“We are in the midst of reviewing our processes but for the most part we have an understanding of what happened and how to ensure how it won’t happen in the future.”

While we’ve never had to flag tweets, we did have a particularly enthusiastic troll post an X-rated image in the comments section of a post recently, so we empathize.

All in a day’s work, then. The responsible pervert must be proud–while his name will never be revealed, his actions will live in infamy for…what, another day or two?

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.