Typing on Miniature Smartwatches Might Be Possible With This Mini Keyboard App

Smart watches aren’t especially known for their great keyboard options due to their tiny screen sizes, but now, there’s an option that’s coming to an Android smartwatch near you: Minuum.

Minuum works by predicting what you’re likely to type next. Using its intelligent word-recognition technology, Minuum may offer smartwatch users the ability to type easily – but should they?

Smartwatches are fairly newfangled devices that haven’t quite gained popularity with the masses. Of the new smartwatches we’ve seen, few offer to be complete replacements for phones, which are already small screens not conducive to typing. So, what’s the likelihood smartwatches will be used for tying simple keystrokes? Not likely. Further, voice commands could actually resolve the obvious need for typing on a simple device, not to mention the fact that you get to talk to your watch.

If you are one of the rare individuals who do own a small, smartwatch and would like to peck at it all day, you can sign up for the Minuum beta here. At the very least, you will have done it efficiently.