TypeRacer: How Many Words a Minute Can YOU Type?

type_racerThinking back on my junior high school days, I believe there was only one course I failed.


Due more to poor behavior than my awkward typing style (I tend to use my pointer fingers and that’s about it!), I like to think my skills would now impress Mr. Duncan.

Or not.

Welcome to TypeRacer, a Web-based game that is surprisingly addictive. I can even see a future as a practical business application.You have two options: race against others, where you are randomly matched up against opponents OR practice by taking on a solo challenge.

Registration is not required and the game begins with a countdown clock displayed via traffic light. Once the clock hits zero you are off to the races.

You must mimic a sentence, with the words disappearing as you type them correctly. If you make a typo, the word and text bar turn red.

My first practice attempt yielded 54 words per minute. Group play shrunk my ego even more. Talk about a humbling experience! The current leader must have machine gun fingers = 152 wpm!

In group mode, you are assigned a random color, represented by a car. Above your text box, the cars move along like one of those amusement park games.

The text you are asked to type are mostly lyrics from TV shows and popular songs. Upon completion of a round, you are presented with a Amazon affiliate links. Presumably, this is how the plan tries to make some dough.

Coming soon is a Facebook application and private game rooms with chat so you can race your friends live!

While a bit nerve racking, the Website offers great practice and a lot of fun.