Type, All Up In Our Face


It was Type Day for us yesterday. First we got into a talk with someone about trying to duplicate a complicated typeface for this silly little side project and then it was ultimately decided, “Or couldn’t we just ask the [project providers] for the font?” which made things so much easier. Then, by way of Typographica, we found this terrific interview with Si Scott, one of the designers who is responsible for all this flowery text we see near everywhere these days. Then, to close the day out, when we got home we found this film, Typography School linked up at 30gms. It’s a little weird in that we don’t really understand why it’s filmed the way it is (because it has to do with education, is that why it has to look like a newsreel?), it’s still got some great commentary about design and process by London College of Printing’s David Dabner.