Photographer Tyler Shields Finally Gets Some Sleep

After 40 days of not sleeping, Los Angeles photographer Tyler Shields (pictured) wound up doing the very last thing he probably expected last night. He stayed up for another eight hours.

But fall asleep Shields finally did, and following what can safely be described as “the mother of all naps”, he blogged about the experience this afternoon on his website. Writes Shields:

It took me eight hours to fall asleep and after 40 days of not sleeping I slept from 8am to 1:55 pm. I woke up starving and ate half a loaf of bread sitting on my kitchen floor. My head felt like it was going to explode, almost as if a tank was driving through a wall and the only thing stopping it was my head! I still feel a bit like a balloon floating in space.

Shields, who claims to normally require sleep only two nights per week, attracted intermittent news coverage, most recently via an October 23rd interview with AOL’s Weird News. That piece answered the most obvious question: the Guinness Book of World Records wants nothing to do with him.

Meanwhile, if you would like to check out the most exhausted person on Twitter – ever – he can be found @tylershields.