Txtr Android App Updated with Support for eReader Accessory

We’re all used to seeing keyboards, headsets, and speakers as Bluetooth accessories but have you ever seen a smartphone with an optional ereader as an accessory? Txtr, an ebook developer based in Berlin, just unveiled the Beagle.

This 5″ ereader takes hardware minimalism to an extreme. Weighing in at just 128 grams, the Beagle lacks Wifi and a card slot. It’s even missing the USB port found on most ereaders these days. Instead the Beagle is powered by a couple AAA batteries, and ebooks are transferred onto it via Bluetooth.

This ereader isn’t available yet, but when it is you’re going to need txtr’s Android app to load up its 4GB of storage. The app was just updated yesterday, and support for the Beagle is only available for gadgets running Android 4.0 and above. Txtr plans to also update their iOS app so it too can support this ereader.

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