TWT Editor Lands Spread in Car and Driver

The August issue of Car and Driver has a full-page spread on TWT Senior Editorial Page Editor Richard Diamond . The story, written by Phil Berg, involves his work on traffic-related issues, especially fighting those speed cameras and red light cameras we all hate. One of his colleagues is hailing the story as “outside the Beltway cool.”

In doing research on political issues Car and Driver came upon Diamond on a daily site he runs called He created the blog in 2004 to address politics and car issues. He considers it a hobby as it does not earn him money.

The editor was clearly amenable about being featured in the magazine.

“I’ve subscribed to Car and Driver since I was 16, so it’s a great magazine and it’s nice to be in there,” Diamond told FishbowlDC. Something else that happened at age 16: Diamond got a speeding ticket in California when a police officer parked in a hidden driveway.

Everything comes full circle. Years later, the piece explains, he worked for then-House Majority Leader Dick Armey and investigated traffic-ticketing issues and the politics behind red lights and speed cameras.

The story is not readily available online. “They want you to buy the magazine,” Diamond explained.



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