TWT On WETA’s “Intersection”

WETA’s Intersection program (listen to the program here) recently invited Max Blumenthal and U.S. News and World Report’s Brian Kelly to discuss The Washington Times and Blumenthal’s recent piece for the Nation.

Blumenthal repeated much of the arguments he makes in his Nation piece, but Kelly doubted much of Blumenthal’s sourcing on the piece.

Other topics included…

…whether TWT has more or less access with Bush administration than under Reagan.

…whether it’s a great entry-level job for young reporters.

…whether it’s become more centrist or more conservative in recent years.

…whether it’s a credible alternative to The Washington Post.

…whether Max Blumenthal’s piece was had sourcing issues.

Marian Coombs (Fran Coombs’ wife) also called in to denounce the piece.