TWT’s Liberal Roots May be Showing

With heavy changes underway at TWT and today’s announcement that John Solomon’s full power at the paper will be restored, it’s a valuable exercise to review how things were before when, say, Solomon was previously in charge.

In one memory, Solomon and President Tom McDevitt sat at a fold-up table in the lobby trying to sell President Obama-headlined T-shirts and Obama commemorative coffee-table books. Not exactly TWT‘s market, but hey, what the hell? It’s a free country.

From a TWT insider: “This raises the question, ‘What is the Washington Times?’ TWT’s brand has always been as a conservative alternative to the Post, but Solomon is not and never has been a conservative, having worked at the liberal Post, a liberal wire service and the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity. He persecuted conservatives last time he was editor of the paper and pushed a hard pro-Obama line, which went so far as to fill the walls of the building with framed copies of A1 cover pages promoting the liberal president. Looks like the Moonies bought the same snake oil that failed to solve their problems before.”

By the way, this is the FIFTH change of editor in five years.

See the T-shirt they sold…