TWT Calls Big Meeting at 2 p.m.

Nothing says we’re not firing you like a piece of pie. In an overly cheery email to staffers, TWT COO John Martin announced that there will be a 2p.m. meeting Monday on the newsroom floor. This meeting comes on the heels of Friday’s death march in which approximately 25 newsroom staffers were called into the auditorium and told that they were being laid off.

There will be cookies and cakes and pies, hurray. “These losers running the show really think desserts will help morale on a sinking ship that just saw a huge number of their colleagues thrown overboard,” a TWT insider told FishbowlDC.

The guess is that the big news will be the resurrection of John Solomon at the publication. When he was executive editor, Solomon liked to call all-staff meetings on the news floor and he’d stand on a desk and bellow out announcements with great histrionics.

Or perhaps the joy and celebratory note is that presumably everyone invited to Monday’s meeting will be keeping their jobs.

See the email from Martin…

From: John Martin
To: twteveryone
Sent: Sun, 06 Jan 2013 22:07:21 -0500
Subject: TWT Gathering – 2PM Monday

Cakes, cookies, pies and fruit. Come one, come all…

Please gather in the newsroom at 2PM tomorrow (Monday) for a company update.