Twofish Updates Focus on Virtual Currency Data

Twofish, the company that provides micropayments for applications, is announcing a few new products for its service. The new products mainly revolve around analytics and easier ways in which to get set up with Twofish. With these updates, Twofish is really looking to appeal to the developer community, gain new users and provide better ways in which to utilize the data it provides through its microplayment platform.

From its Easy Element product, the core service for Twofish, comes a new tool called Currency Starter. This is closer to a turnkey solution for developers that want to get started right away with a virtual currency option for their applications. Some of the options that come with Currency Starter include Google Analytics integration, and all the other basics needed for setting up a payment gateway for virtual currency. Twofish has a one-click purchase option for users, which saves their credit card information, along with account history which users have access to.

A highlight of the Currency Starter program is the customizable widget which developers can place on their site. This widget is skinnable and can be integrated quickly and easily into a developer’s site. The benefit of using the widget is tat users can handle all their transactions related to Twofish without having to leave the developer’s site. As Google Analytics cannot be integrated with a service that has to rediret end users to a third party site, another plus side for the widget is the fact that it still supports Twofish’s Google Analytics integration.

Speaking of Google Analytics, the integration of this option is another of Twofish’s updates being announced today. For those developers that would like the basics of the analytics surrounding their virtual currency for their apps and already have Google Analytics, this is a good way to get the core information as it relates to their own site activity.

For those developers that would like more ways in which to drill down into their metrics and user activity, Twofish is offering a new analytics framework that offers more comparison tools. These tools revolve around sales, currency catalog and user behavior. What are users buying, how much are they buying, when are they buying, where does the point of sales occur, and where are the referrals coming from? These are only a few of the analytics options that will be available on the new analytics platform.

Twofish and its updates really fit into the larger picture of a virtual goods economy, as competitors such as Super Rewards step up their offerings to developers, and Facebook continues on its path towards a universal virtual currency in order to reap more of the benefits from this growing trend. Twofish still remains rather focused on the optimization of the data it collect son behalf of developers that use its service, and the current updates reflect this core concept for the virtual goods company, and recently added a number of new partners to its roster as well.

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