Two Ways Of Looking At This

Either President Bush just mocked/laughed at the Politico or he gave Mike Allen a free opportunity to promote his publication on national television…

Rough transcript from watching Bush’s press conference:

    Bush: Who do you work for?


    Bush: Would you like to take a minute to explain to the American people what is?

FishbowlDC readers are quick on the feedback:

  • So who put the bug in Bush’s ear to pump the Politico? Was it Tony Snow? What the heck was that!!??

  • OMG. Shameless self promotion from Mike Allen, courtesy of Prez Bush!!!

  • Dude the President just asked about Politico. F*cking shoot me.

  • just now – Presidential press conference: Mike Allen: “I’m Mike Allen, with …” POTUS: “What’s ?” Mike Allen: “It’s anew political newspaper and website.” David Gregory: “Yeah, it’s really good.” POTUS: “What a testimonial. I’ll have to check it out.” Chuckles and grumbles ensue.

  • I don’t know what Politico is, however I will soon find out. I thought it was rude and unnessesary for Pres. Bush to single out their reporter on his special report, today, Feb. 14. How rude and ignorant. Like I said , I do not know what Politico is about,but his remarks to their reporter were plain , downright, IGNORANT. Did he single anyone else out? No . Enough said

  • Does David Gregory have to comment or gesture on EVERY f*cking transgression at Bush’s press conferences? Please, someone muzzle him… literally!

  • I thought the Politico reference just made the president look like a tool. I saw only the back of Mike’s head, but from even that I could tell he was embarrassed. Should the leader of the free world maybe, uh, be occupied by more important things? Ugh indeed.

  • Separately, why does there always seem to be a dearth of people who are appalled by Bush’s behavior in these press conferences? Dude, you’re not clever. The level of obnoxia in his answer to Peter Baker was infuriating.

  • It shows Bush is 1) obsessed with, and very well aware of, the media culture in Washington. And 2) wanted to give a boost to his friend (Albritton)’s new project. (The Bushes and the Albrittons go way back…) Also note how WJLA played the entire exchange during its noon news…

  • There is only one way at looking at this….There are so many “haters” in DC! Go Politico BTW their paper rocks!

  • this comment sums it up for me: Dude the President just asked about Politico. F*cking shoot me. If we were voting, that’s my choice. Seriously.

  • One day after Mike Allen’s glowing interview of Rove, Bush let’s Allen – writing for a new pub, usually a sign you don’t get to ask questions at presidential pressers – ask a question. Then he gives Mike the chance to do some free advertising. Coincidence?

  • If Bush didn’t know what The Politico is, he sure as hell does now…as does everybody who was watching the press conference.

  • Re: Bush/Politico You seriously can’t buy that kind of attention. Awesome for Politico. But it is hard not to wonder a little if there was a mite of planning on Bush’s side (esp in light of his conenction to the backer). If so, Allen clearly wasn’t in on it.

Ana Marie Cox weighs in:

    The Politico: David Gregory Likes It.

    I can’t be the only person who wonders if the thing that Bush wanted Mike to “explain to the American people what’s that all about” might be the “dot-com” portion of the name, not the title of the enterprise.