Two Very Different Stunts Address Domestic Abuse

Mixed messages on domestic violence before International Women's Day.

You’ve probably seen The Salvation Army’s one-week-late response to that infamous viral dress. The “PSA” consisting of a single tweet was designed to garner attention, and it worked:

The campaign, as noted by AdFreak, came from the organization’s South African wing and an agency called Ireland Davenport. While the image did succeed in drawing attention to domestic violence around the world before International Women’s Day, mixed reactions poured in on social media.

On the PR side, from Heather Whaling of PRTini:

On the media side, from Jessica Roy of New York magazine:

For the record, the larger Salvation Army organization still struggles with the perception that it does not properly serve the LGBT community — but this act of newsjacking didn’t have anything to do with that topic.

On the other hand, UK agency WCRS created a very different type of stunt to promote the group Women’s Aid this week.

Via LBBOnline, facial recognition technology allows this billboard to literally change as more people heed its “Look at me” call-to-action:

As more people focus on the dress, the woman’s bruises begin to heal…the point being that domestic violence will continue if no one pays attention. A prime time TV ad airing on International Women’s Day this Sunday will reinforce the message.

Which stunt was more effective?