Two Reporters Get Canned as They Were Covering a Baseball Game

We know this happened Thursday – don’t be so cranky – we took a long weekend so it’s still Friday to us.

Anyway, Baltimore Sun? Tribune/Zell owned – Baltimore Sun. Nice timing. According to Bill Plunkett at the OC Register it was during the 8th Inning. Nice. Right after the stretch and a little ‘I don’t care if you ever get back’ and poof.

We predict that this will be the anecdote that we all tell in 10 years about the newspaper meltdown of the late 2000’s. “It was so brutal – journalists got laid off while during a ball game they were covering. Calling to check in – by the way – YOU’RE OUT!”

Just wait. We’ll say it.

More on this story here and our sister blog FishbowlDC has some here.

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