Two Photogs Hiring Interns: One Goes Trad, The Other Rad

So over at A Photo Editor there’s a small note about two photographers who posted job ads for interns one day apart.

The first: “Afghan girl” photographer Steve McCurry (we’d embed an image here, but apparently he’s oldschool enough to actually get paid big bucks whenever anyone uses his photos, and we’d rather not be the one paying). The second: Vincent LaForet, Pulitzer winner and three-time winner at the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

“Oldschooler” McCurry “goes for the craigslist classified ad seeking an intern who is ‘highly motivated’ with a ‘proven track record of excellence.'” The position is full-time and unpaid.

Meanwhile, “New schooler LaForet goes for the blog post (natch) where his legions of followers can quickly spread the word and apply for 3 (yes 3!) open slots on his team. Applicants must be “proficient in Premiere or Final Cut Pro” and “obsessed with gear” and have the ability to “grade footage.”” The positions are paid and part-time.

Very interesting: normally, the blogger would be hiring the unpaid interns, yes?

If you go to the Photo Editor post you can see an application for McCurry’s internship that is absolutely hilarious, but was clearly written by someone who would much rather be getting paid.