Two Of Three Twitter Users Say Retailer Tweets Influence Purchase

If you’re a merchant and you’re not on Twitter, now’s the time to set up your account. Two of three Twitter users say they have made a purchase which was influenced by Twitter.

According to data collected in April and May 2011 by Kantar Media’s Compete, 66.1 percent of Twitter users say retailer tweets and accounts have influenced their purchase. Nearly 30 percent of Twitter users polled say they find retail Twitter accounts influential, 25 percent say they are very influential, and 12.5 percent consider them to be extremely influential.

Other stats pulled from this report will be interesting to retailers on Twitter as well. 31 percent of those polled say they follow five or more retail Twitter accounts. That’s five or more brands that these users want to hear from, are willing to engage with, and ultimately may consider purchasing from. And, on the other end of this spectrum, six percent of those polled say they follow over 30 brands on Twitter.

Those users who follow retail Twitter accounts are looking for one thing, and one thing only: deals. Six in ten users (58.7 percent) say they follow a particular retail account because they want to be kept up-to-date on sales and promotions from that brand. Thirty-three percent say they want to learn more about a retailer.

It’s pretty clear that Twitter users are interested in hearing from brands, and expect to be alerted to deals and sales. And that makes sense: the immediacy and intimacy of Twitter means brands can reach their customers instantly, and in real-time.