Two of Condé Nast’s Finest Roll Out Site For Young Writers

When the first-ever news items posted on a web page are titled “ZOMG we’ve launched!” and “Wow, we’re launched.  Sweet.”, you can safely say the site caters to younger audiences.  These two headlines appeared this morning on, an online community where adolescent writers can share their work, discuss their favorite books and authors, and communicate with fellow readers.  The brand new site was founded by former Condé Nast editor Jacob Lewis and New Yorker writer Dana Goodyear.  Lewis explained to The New York Times that Figment will offer users a forum to write whatever comes to mind:

We give them a piece of paper and say, “Go.” There’s a very earnest and exacting quality to what they’re doing.

Lewis is hopeful that the site will become a mainstay for millions of young writers and believes publishing companies will be able to use Figment to recruit new talent and receive feedback on select content.