Two New Unique Hires at The Atlantic is bringing on two new hires — one from Newsweek/The Daily Beast, the other from the Nieman Journalism Lab. Newsweek‘s David Graham joins the Politics channel as associate editor. Just two years ago, he started at Newsweek as an intern. Most recently he wrote a cover story on Herman Cain. Nieman’s Megan Garber joins the Tech channel as staff writer. She was an adjunct prof at Columbia Journalism School, where she graduated. She was also a staff writer for Columbia Journalism Review.

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Graham started as a intern in the summer of 2009 (“a star intern,” recalls Gabriel Snyder) and rose to co-write a recent magazine cover story on Herman Cain. As a writer/editor/producer, he’ll be working with Garance and the rest of the politics team (Conor and Molly, plus help from Voices like Jim, Ta-Nehisi, Bob Wright and others) to deliver smart and energetic coverage of the 2012 campaign. David starts on Monday here in Washington. Follow him @GrahamDavidA.

An assistant editor at Nieman Journalism Lab, Garber has emerged as one of the bright minds exploring how to make journalism work in the 21st century. She focuses on innovations in media and business. She previously covered similar topics as a staff writer at Columbia Journalism Review. She has a masters from Columbia Journalism School, where she has also served as adjunct professor. Megan will be working with Alexis and Becca on the Tech channel, writing about a wide range of topics and doing occasional editing. She starts January 9 and also will be based in Washington. Follow her @megangarber.