Two New Faces in NYT DC Bureau

LAObserved reports that the New York Times’ Los Angeles Bureau Chief John Broder is heading to the paper’s DC bureau, where he’ll be a jack-of-all-trades, according to the staff memo sent by DC Bureau Chief Phil Taubman.

    John is giving up the sunshine and Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to the bureau over the summer to cover politics and to lend a hand during big news events with ledealls and Q-heds. John can do it all. He knows Washington, he knows politics, domestic policy, lobbying, national security.

NYT City Bureau Chief Jim Rutenberg is also heading to the bureau from NYC and will cover the White House.

The new faces (or not so new in this case) will bring some much needed help to a bureau that’s faced a lot of hardship over the past three months, including getting scooped on some big stories, breaking one big story that involved a messy inter-office argument, the heinous murder of one beloved reporter, and the departure of another.