Here’s Two Minutes of Donald Trump Showing Us How NOT to Talk to the Media

He's very good at being bad.

For someone who gets so much totally undeserved press coverage, you’d think that Donald Trump had some not-so-secret talent for schmoozing the media.

Sorry to disappoint you all, but the opposite is true.

Here’s a two-minute supercut from our friends at Fast Company in which The Donald demonstrates over and over again how NOT to talk to people in media…or anyone in the civilized world, really.

We are frankly a little tired of reading thinkpieces on when Trump will “flame out” and/or whether he represents an unsolvable reputation puzzle for the Republican Party.

We do, however, know why certain people like to hear him talk: he’s an asshole, and he’s proud to let you know it.

Gotta go with Stephen Colbert here: we really, really hope Trump sticks around a bit longer…if only for the jokes.