Two iPhone UP Movie Related Games or One?

Free UP iPhone app (left) & $4.99 UP iPhone game (right)

A week or so ago I noticed a free iPhone app promoting Pixar popular and entertaining movie “UP!” in the iTunes App Store…

UP (free game)

So, I was a little puzzled to find this another iPhone app also named “UP” today selling for $4.99…

UP by Disney-Pixar ($4.99)

To make things more confusing, the $4.99 UP game says it is “The only official iPhone game of the film!” It turns out that the $4.99 app is indeed a full fledged game (and in the Games category) while the free app is in the Entertainment category.

Oddly, if you search for “up” in iTunes, both the free entertainment app and the $4.99 game show up. However, if you search for “Pixar”, only the game app shows along with something named “Kids Movie Quiz” which is not related to Pixar at all. This is because the free promotional app is attributed to the “Walt Disney” company and not Pixar.

But, here’s what’s really surprising to me. “UP” (the $4.99 game) is apparently the first Pixar app in the iTunes app store. I thought there might be Pixar iPhone games for Cars, Wall-E, Toy Story or any of the other popular Pixar animated films. But, nope “UP” is the first Pixar app of any kind. Amazing. I wonder if more on on their way?