Two Days Before Moderating ‘Meet the Press,’ Chuck Todd’s All Like ‘Ask Me Anything!’

Meet the Press - Season 67In advance of his debut as moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday, Chuck Todd took to Reddit and told users to ‘Ask Me Anything,’ or “AMA,” as it’s referred to on the site.

Todd answered questions on a variety of topics, including pre-interview time with President Barack Obama ahead of this Sunday’s exclusive, which deceased person he wishes he could interview, and the most pressing, whether he uses conditioner.

Asked about the credibility of polling, Todd expressed concern for it and said that “Public polling, methodologically, is a mess.”

“I have less faith in state polls, generically, right now than at any point in my near 25 years covering politics,” Todd wrote. “I think folks that rely on these polls to aggregate figures or do more complicated regression analysis are playing with fire because the original source data is so unreliable. This November could see a LOT of polling mistakes, more than 2012.”

Todd responded to 25 Reddit users. Click here for the full Q&A.