Two Chinese-Language Offerings Lead This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This was a particularly active week, in terms of fast-growing foreign-language apps: two each of Chinese- and Arabic-language apps are features, along with three in Spanish and one in French. The two in Chinese lead our list of emerging Facebook apps, measured as those still under a million monthly active users.

Here’s the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. 建立你的測驗 707,867 +542,418 +327.85
2. 開心 Lounge Bar 833,258 +479,018 +135.22
3. Death Time Calculator 849,761 +385,233 +82.93
4. Office Wars 517,611 +342,552 +195.68
5. Casino City 904,293 +283,677 +45.71
6. Toilet Paper Roll 276,716 +272,146 +5,955.05
7. Fanglies 268,063 +267,804 +103,399.23
8. Horse Saga (renamed) 719,454 +242,497 +50.84
9. OndaPix 621,215 +239,636 +62.80
10. Birdland 858,038 +193,301 +29.08
11. Tu foto con la bandera de España! 163,438 +157,915 +2,859.23
12. Click Challenge 312,286 +156,935 +101.02
13. Maya Pyramid 532,893 +143,304 +36.78
14. اعرف مزاجك اليوم 659,915 +140,689 +27.10
15. الصندوق السحرى 312,856 +127,137 +68.46
16. Quel est votre talent? 329,639 +126,091 +61.95
17. Quién es mi mejor amigo 228,194 +122,999 +116.92
18. Nike Future 295,231 +116,564 +65.24
19. My Vineyard 873,665 +110,811 +14.53
20. Kungfu Online 200,472 +99,803 +99.14

建立你的測驗, the first app, bills itself as a psychological test app. That’s probably a bit of a self-overestimation, as it actually appears to just be a quiz creator, something we’ve seen plenty of elsewhere — though there’s no arguing with their growth potential. It’s followed by 開心 Lounge Bar, a Chinese-language game that we talk about a bit more, along with the rest of its category, over on Inside Social Games.

Death Time Calculator popped up for the first time last week; as the name succinctly implies, it offers a quick and random guess at your time and cause of death. The app is likely flirting with danger by automatically posting to user’s walls without specifically asking in a popup, though.

The next non-game app is Toilet Paper Roll — although it is a bit game-like. Like the “keyboard mash” apps we saw popping up a few weeks back, this app centers around frantic repetitive activity, in this case trying to unroll as much of a virtual roll of toilet paper as possible in 10 seconds. Click Challenge does more or less the same thing, without the TP.

OndaPix and Tu foto con la bandera de España! are both in Spanish and have to do with photos; the former is a simple photo editor, while the latter is even simpler, just sticking your face on a Spanish flag.