Watch Out Facebook – Twittus Organizes Tweets On Your Timeline

In our recent post describing how Twitter could stick it to Facebook, we linked to an article that mentioned a new Facebook app called, Twittus. Twittus, like the native Twitter app, posts tweets to your Facebook Timeline. But thanks to leveraging Facebook’s Open Graph, it does quite a bit more.

We’ve been exploring Twittus since that last post and wanted to share some features this nifty little tool has to offer.

Created by LeavingStone, a social media marketing and application development company based in Tbilisi, Georgia,  Twittus is your “loyal servant that organizes tweets in a box” on your timeline. This is important because your tweets will not longer be scattered throughout your timeline and overshadowed by Facebook posts, making it easy for nonTwitter users to follow your tweets – and making it easier for you to search for tweets you’ve recently posted.

As you progress through the signup process, you’ll be greeted with messages like these:

“Hello Master! I am honored to serve you!”
“I need to be granted Facebook rights to post on your behalf.”

Instead of simply informing or requiring users to press “Allow” the developer has tried to create a personality for the application. It’s a nice touch.

This video shows you the sign up process (be sure to maximize your screen so you can see it!) or you can just visit the Twittus app on Facebook – do NOT go to Twittus dot com (as I did) or you will be unpleasantly surprised (porn site).


After signing up, when you access the Twittus timeline (adding “app_twittus” extension after your name in Facebook’s URL – like, on the upper right corner there is Activity Log button. After pressing it all your shared tweets will be grouped by date and even time.


And, according to the developer, a Twitter users’ reach is expanded using Twittus, with each posted tweet receiving significantly more “impressions” or views on average than they would if they just posted via the regular Twitter app. Why do they get more views? Well, remember that handy box we mentioned that lives on your timeline? Visitors see that there as well and can quickly scan through all of your tweets when they visit.

Oh and if you want, you can use Twitter to organize someone else’s tweets, making it that much easier to keep track of your latest celebrity crush or social media “guru.”

Have you tried it? Are there other applications you’ve found that help organize tweets in Facebook?

(Man in blue shirt image via Shutterstock)

@MaryCLong Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.