Twitterverse Reacts to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

NobelPeacePrize.jpgThe announcement that President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize sent the Twitter universe into a frenzy, with most tweets trending negative, TIME reported.

Some of the negative tweets uncovered by TIME:

Never seen Twitter so united in sarcasm as over the Nobel announcement.

What are the reasons for Obama to get Nobel Peace Prize?????

‘Did you hear Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?’ Answer: ‘What for? For not being George W. Bush.’

Are the Norwegian Nobel Committee trying to force President Obama to ‘be good’?

So does this mean that the pressure is on for Obama to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan??

I can hardly wait for reactions on US conservative blogs.

If the Nobel Committee deliberately set out to sabotage Obama, they couldn’t have done it better.

Among the few positive tweets:

Barack Obama? Nobel Prize for Peace? Yes, we can. Good choice. Hope and change should be encouraged.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! I might just cry with joy *but I won’t*. I still believe in him…but…it’s time to get moving dude.