Twitter’s Tweets-Per-Second Record Breakers Of 2011 [INFOCHART]

There were dozens of major events that sent Twitter into a frenzy this year, from baby announcements to natural disasters. And many of these events set their own tweets-per-second records: thousands of tweets sent by thousands of Twitter users at one time.

This infochart of the top tweets-per-second records of 2011 comes to us from the TweetSmarter blog. Dave Larson (@TweetSmarter) put together this list of the 17 events that set new records throughout the year.

The first record-breaking tweets-per-second event was January 1, 2011, New Years day. Twitter saw a massive 6,939 tweets per second at its peak.

Throughout the year, other events saw their fair share of tweets-per-second. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March was tweeted about 5,530 times per second, the Superbowl saw 4,064 tweets, and the final match of the Women’s World Cup in July saw 7,196 tweets-per-second.

However, the event that takes the record for tweets-per-second in 2011 was none of the above. On December 13, the Japanese anime movie Castle in the Sky was aired on TV in Japan, and Twitter users responded with excitement: they tweeted a massive 25,088 times per second, more than three times the previous record of 8,868 during the MTV Music Awards.

Take a look at the chart below:

(top image: Aspect3D via Shutterstock)