Twitter’s Server Problems Force it to Remove #NewTwitter, Trends

If you signed on to Twitter this morning and noticed that “Trends” was empty, don’t panic: it’s all part of the plan. Well, it doesn’t appear so much a “plan” as a frantic reaction to server problems that have caused multiple issues for nearly all Twitter users.

Late yesterday, Twitter began going down or displaying an error page for a significant number of users. As time went on, the Twitter status blog noted that these elevated error rates were quickly followed by problems displaying some users’ timelines.

Eventually, Twitter had to take a drastic step to stem the rising error rates and revert the entire site back to the Old Twitter. This morning, at 00:19:25 UTC, #NewTwitter was re-enabled – but trends have now disappeared, likely in order to fully address the server problem.

So, if you’ve signed in to Twitter and kept refreshing the homepage to properly load trends, it won’t happen. They’ve been disabled for the past 14 hours. Hordes of hashtag gamers are no doubt twitching behind their computers without being able to tell everyone #theonethingiwouldneverdo.

But the more serious problem here is the massive amount of errors and downtime Twitter and its features have experienced in the past 20 or so hours.

TechCrunch reported Tuesday night that some users had seen other users’ tweets in their own timeline. This likely led to the initial disabling of #NewTwitter. And although the issue has been fixed, there must still be something wrong with Twitter’s servers as “Trends” are still inaccessible.

Considering all of the problems Twitter has been having with their new server location, these outages come as no surprise. Still, for a company that’s growing as fast as Twitter, they’d better get their infrastructure in place soon or risk alienating their users.

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