Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Trends And Accounts Now Available In Japan

Twitter has rolled out its Promoted Products to a third country, Japan, following last year’s launch in the US and last month’s launch in the UK.

While many bemoan the fact that Promoted Products – which include Promoted Tweets, Trends, Accounts and Tweets to Followers – are only available to about 1600 beta advertisers, the service is still young. Ads on Twitter have only been available for about a year and a half, and only about a month outside of the US.

Announced on the Japanese Twitter blog today, Twitter began testing ads on its Japanese website,, earlier this month.

TechCrunch is citing early (and unconfirmed) reports that a Promoted Trend on Twitter’s Japanese site costs 420 yen per day and yields 12 million impressions per day – however, it’s my opinion that it is likely that number is way, way off, as 420 yen is equal to about 5 US dollars. And considering that a US Promoted Trend costs a rumored $100,000 and up per day, I think the price discrepancy is a bit much.

The launch of Japanese Promoted Products follows a late September announcement that Twitter would start offering ads in the UK.

The fast-paced roll out of overseas ads indicates that Twitter is ready to focus a lot more of its attention on making money. Currently, selling Promoted Products is one of only two ways that Twitter brings in any revenue, the second of which being the sale of tweets from the firehose.

And although Twitter’s projected earnings from advertising was recently downgraded from $150 million in 2011 to $139.5, the company has the potential to bring in much more if it can harness a global advertiser base.

Twitter is an international network, and offering up ads in languages other than English and to advertisers based in countries other than the US is a smart move.

(Hat tip: TechCrunch)