Twitter’s Notifications Tab Just Got Much More Crowded

Twitter began testing the changes to notifications with 'certain types of users' last year

Headshot of David Cohen

Twitter quietly tweaked its notifications tab in its flagship iOS and Android applications and the web.

Twitter confirmed the update to Social Pro Daily, saying that it began testing the additional notifications with “certain types of users” last year before launching the feature to all iOS, Android and web users last week.

The social network said the change is aimed at ensuring that users don’t miss content that they may find interesting.

Information on accounts that users follow tweeting about trending topics, sharing links or following other Twitter users—previously shared with users exclusively through push notifications—is now appearing under the same tab as information on users’ own activity and tweets, such as retweets, favorites and new followers.

Reaction was lukewarm, at best, as Sarah Perez of TechCrunch shared the following tweets about the changes to the notifications tab:

Twitter told Social Pro Daily it recently fixed a bug in the feature, which may have accounted for some of the initial negative feedback, as the feature is now working as intended.

Users who are not happy with these new notifications can tap the down arrow next to specific notifications and click on “see less often.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.