Design Ideas For Twitter’s New ‘Bird’ Included The Middle Finger

When Twitter updated its bird logo last July, did you ever wonder how they came up with the final design?

It appears they went through a typical brainstorming process, where designers sketched out a bunch of possible new looks for the bird, including the middle finger. Cover your little one’s eyes!

According to Gizmodo, “when Twitter rebranded its old fat whale of a bird logo into the svelte upward jumping bird logo it is now, it went through a lot of early concepts to get the angle of the bird jusssst right.” 

Twitter posted three sets of sketches on Dribble, including THIS one:


Looks like Twitter’s design team is edgy, hmm? And yes, this is the ever-expanding design team we mentioned recently. Want to learn more about them? They have slides detailing the team’s growth and such here.

And you can check out the other logo design possibilities they posted hereDo you think they should’ve gone with something else? I’m just glad they didn’t go with this one:


(Parrot image from Shutterstock)