Twitter’s New Android App Update Includes Image Editing Tools

twitterTwitter really wants you to start using photos – so much so, the micro-blog is adding more photo tools to help you out, starting with an Android app update that rolled out on January 27. Don’t worry iPhone users, you’ll see be able to rotate, crop, and discover news and tweets all by pulling down on your home timeline:

With this update, if you pull down on your home timeline to refresh it and there are no new Tweets to load, you may see recommended Tweets, trending topics and suggestions for new accounts to follow. In the U.S. only, you’ll see TV, sports and news events updates as well. 

One obvious thing though: what’s the future of a 160 character tweet if that also includes a picture worth a thousand words? Currently, Twitter is a great tool so craft some small texts from thoughts, enabling your followers to read a series of those random, snippets in quick succession. With photos and news getting in the way, will the Twitter experience remain the same?