Twitter’s MoPub Adds Native Ad Option

MoPub, Twitter’s mobile ad exchange network, introduced native advertising Thursday. App developers will now be able to use MoPub to easily place mobile ads, rather than needing to build custom ads that were “too resource intensive and difficult to execute to be practical,” the company said.

The ads show up in different forms, including the two demonstrated by the screenshots of launch partner Tango above. Native ads tend to be more subtle than other forms of advertising, typically carrying only a low-key “sponsored” label or appearing in a different color to signify the promotion.

Founder Jim Payne explained further in a blog post:

MoPub’s native ads product gives you the ability to work with direct advertisers, promote your own features and apps, and drive more revenue from one of the over ninety-five demand partners on MoPub Marketplace. This single solution means you can provide a customized ad experience for your partners without building custom campaigns for each advertiser.

Twitter purchased MoPub in September for a reported $350 million in stock.

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