Twitter’s Monthly Publicity Worth $48 Million


According to an analysis conducted by Video Monitoring Services (VMS), Twitter enjoyed 2.73 billion impressions last month, valued at $48 million. Fifty-seven percent of the value is attributed to TV mentions, and it makes sense, since soliciting viewer feedback on Twitter is no longer just Rick Sanchez’s thing anymore. It’s massive amount of impressions by any standard, drawn out in AdAge’s coverage by comparing Twitter to Microsoft’s Bing, and even Google as a whole:

“This is huge. It’s very, very high,” said Gary Getto, VP-integrated media intelligence at VMS. “In fact, we looked at online coverage of Twitter vs. Google. Twitter is running significantly higher than Google and I didn’t think anything was more popular than Google.”

In contrast, the media value of the coverage given to Microsoft’s Bing was just $573,834, and the reach of its free media came in at just 63 million impressions.

There’s no credit-grabbing to be done here, since Twitter doesn’t even have representation.

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[image via MaximumPC by way of TechCrunch]